Keeping it simple for great results.

  • Simple

    I believe in the power of simplicity, and focus on creating intuitive digital solutions that will achieve excellent results.

  • User-centred

    My approach ensures that unmet user needs are uncovered and resolved through UX research, prototyping and user testing.

  • Results-driven

    Data and research insights inform my design decisions – I'm focused on improving business and customer experience metrics.

  • Inclusive

    I'm passionate about making the web accessible for everyone, and ensure my designs are inclusive and easy to use.


  • Research

    • – User research
    • – Workshop facilitation
    • – Data analytics
    • – Competitive analysis
    • – Moderated testing
  • User experience

    • – Information architecture
    • – User flows
    • – Wireframes
    • – Prototypes
    • – Journey optimisation
  • Product design

    • – Visual design
    • – Design systems
    • – A/B testing
    • – Interaction design
    • – Design thinking
  • Leadership

    • – Design strategy
    • – Coaching & feedback
    • – Building teams
    • – Mentorship
    • – Design direction


  • "I’ve been fortunate to work with Jon on many projects. He’s easy to work with, super reliable and has an excellent appreciation of the web and its audiences which is highly apparent in all his work. I especially like Jon’s approach to collaborative projects. He is open minded to new ideas and others opinions, yet will always put the user first. Anyone that gets the chance to work with Jon should jump at the opportunity."

    Chris Mellish

    Creative Director, Amazon

  • "There are many designers with lead in their title, but Jon is a true lead in every sense of the word. He has a keen eye for detail, tremendous design skills, is data-driven, and always keeps the customer experience at the core of his work. Collaborating with him is a pleasure as he communicates ideas clearly and concisely to stakeholders of different domains and knows how to drive and motivate a team. He also coaches and mentors designers with ease. Jon is a standout talent in the UX design industry and would be an asset to any team."

    Alberto Ferreira

    User Research Manager, Vodafone

  • "Jon is a remarkable UX leader who in addition to demonstrating excellent practical skills, led and influenced a large group of people through some difficult projects. Jon's super awesome personality always ensured zero stress, and all critiques were handled with professionalism and compassion for the designers, enabling Jon to elevate the work of those around him."

    Ross Tulloch

    Principle Service Designer, Foolproof

  • "Working with Jon has been an absolute pleasure. His great knowledge and passion for what he does means he’s an amazing mentor and colleague. His feedback and recommendations are always on point and you can rely on his experience to improve your designs. I admire Jon’s patience and methodical approach to problems and stakeholder management."

    Maurizio Lavelle

    Lead Product Designer, M&S

  • "As my manager, Jon worked closely with me to give support and feedback. He is extremely well organised and reliable. His great attention to detail and meaningful feedback are invaluable, especially when working on large projects. His fantastic understanding of the design process and strong leadership skills ensure projects keep on track and he’s not afraid to ask tricky questions or challenge current thinking. I have learned a lot from him, and I couldn’t recommend him highly enough!"

    Anna Pamplin

    Senior Product Designer, John Lewis Partnership

  • "Working with Jon has been both delightful and inspiring. Jon is a real champion for user-centred design and has been a key influence in driving user-centricity in the business. He is also a wonderful lead with unwavering support for his design team and has created a nurturing and collaborative design community in Vodafone. I always enjoyed our chats and reviews as he's such a brilliant and resourceful designer, he drives some of the most elegant and thoughtful design solutions in the business."

    Daniela Ivanova

    Service Design Lead, Fjord

  • "I’ve been lucky to work with Jon for the past 3 years. He is both an incredible designer and mentor in equal measure. Always generous with his time and able to untangle complexity with ease - he has led and influenced numerous successful projects over the years, all of which are testament to his user-focused and considered approach to UX."

    Robyn Layton

    UX/UI Designer, Vodafone

  • "Jon has been a pleasure to work with at Vodafone, from his calm and considered approach to work through to his great rapport with others. He's always had time to offer feedback on work, give advice on managing stakeholders and understand how to showcase our work so it lands well with the wider business. We've worked closely on many projects and Jon is a great problem solver when designing solutions or breaking down complex propositions into easily understood concepts."

    Kirsty Oliphant

    Senior UX Designer, Vodafone

  • "Jon was a steady hand on the tiller at a time of huge digital growth and success within Vodafone. I enjoyed working alongside Jon in my role as Design Systems Lead, as he always championed data-driven design; adding to this, a really empathetic approach to user experience, he's been a really great ally and a great leader - and most importantly been at the heart of making so much of Vodafone's UX better for our customers. And all of this with unflappable good humour and a smile on his face! Always a pleasure to work with."

    M Smith

    Design Systems Lead, Vodafone

  • "Jon is an exceptional UX/UI Lead who has consistently delivered outstanding design solutions to complex digital journeys for Vodafone. A true digital guru who is very passionate and dedicated to delivering the best user experience. Always friendly and considerate in his approach and I would highly recommend him to any organisation."

    Nobile Bhatti

    Senior Product Owner, Vodafone

  • "Jon constantly amazed me with his approach to solving problems and his team player spirit. He is very thorough and can be depended upon to get the job done. Jon is a dedicated, self-motivated, methodical, and very capable UX/UI Designer. Whenever I had a problem, there has never been a time Jon has left me without a solution. He is a truly exceptional individual."

    Emmanouil Chatzidakis

    Lead UX/UI Designer, Vodafone

  • "Jon is a skilled design practitioner, with a creative flair and a deep understanding of the design thinking process. He is well versed in exploring customer needs, successfully facilitating workshops with a wide range of participants to collaboratively explore potential solutions. I’ve been repeatedly impressed with his ability to answer customer problems through efficient and creative layouts, and with his ability to support his team to reach similarly successful outcomes."

    Matt Pearce

    UX Research Manager, John Lewis Partnership

  • "Jon is an exceptional designer to work with, and is incredibly knowledgeable about the design process. His work is data-driven and strongly backed by extensive research – resulting in improvements to digital products that have stood the test of time. Jon is also a great mentor and advisor, always guiding you with helpful suggestions to tricky challenges, but never overbearing."

    Emily Alpert

    Senior UX/UI Designer, Vodafone

  • "Jon is really focused on leveraging everyone's strengths for actual product delivery. His exceptional eye for great design shines through his and his teams work. I enjoyed Jon's professional approach, communication skills and emotional intelligence."

    Rafal Jankos

    Lead Design Consultant, MMT

  • "Jon is a highly experienced leader who can help move things in the right direction. He is open-minded and willing to hear different views, and knows how to provide actionable and constructive feedback by quickly spotting design problems and always offering solutions. His support is outstanding, and he helps to search for the best design solutions and strives for user-centred results."

    Liva Velkere

    UX Designer, Accenture

  • "There are few people you meet in the workplace who genuinely care about your output or how your daily life affects your work. Jon is such an amazing leader and always on hand to walk me through any difficult situation with a positive and easy vibe. Also, an exceptional designer who always untangles the big pain points to create an easy journey for users."

    Gabriel Akinola

    Product Designer, ClearScore

  • "Jon is a multi-skilled Designer being super talented on the UI creating innovative and beautiful solutions, and also incredibly interested in understanding the core of the problem making him a superb UX practitioner. Loved attending his talks about the progress of his work and how he would calmly and eloquently explain his explorations and design solutions. His kindness always stood out being ready to help or point me in the right direction."

    Flavio Lamenza

    UX Lead, Sky

  • "Jon is such an excellent and considered designer. He’s also an absolute pleasure to work with. He always listens carefully to what’s required and considers all opinions before coming up with brilliant recommendations that truly drive results. We’ve worked together on numerous new product launches and campaigns and I was always happy when Jon was assigned to my projects."

    Suzanne Reng

    Marketing Content Lead, Standard Life

  • "Jon is one of the most knowledgeable and supportive people you are ever likely to meet. His UX/UI skills are superb and he is very generous with what he knows. Above all else, he's a genuine pleasure to work with and I couldn't recommend him enough, both as a UI craftsman and lead."

    Andy Turner

    Director of UX, Made to Engage