• Challenge

    Vodafone's website was under-performing against key metrics, and suffered from a wide range of usability issues.

  • Process

    I conducted discovery research to uncover pain points, then ideated potential solutions for testing and implementation.

  • Outcome

    I established a design system, then led projects to optimise the top navigation, homepage and many other areas of the website.


Research showed that customers struggled with the Vodafone website due to inconsistent and confusing design patterns. I conducted workshops to help define the issues, and build consensus on how we should address the pain points.

Design system

I established a modular design system of optimised components that could be used across the website. This approach massively sped up the design and build process, whilst also ensuring consistent, user-focused results.


Further user research uncovered usability issues with the top nav. I led a restructure and redesign to simplify the information architecture, user interface and interaction model, making the top nav much easier to use.


Vodafone's homepage is a key touchpoint and gets over 30 million visits a year! I led a re-design based on insights from a UX audit and user research. The new version is focused on user needs, and performs better across all metrics.


I designed key functionality including the store finder, network checker, roaming pricing calculator, Apple brand hub and much more. My user-centred approach utilises research and data insights for simple and effective design solutions.


I led an optimisation project to increase the performance of key sales journeys. We developed a range of hypothesis that were tested on the live website - this enabled us to make design iterations informed by data insights.


Certain eCommerce journeys involve financial commitments which can potentially impact conversion rates. I took special care to make these user journeys clear and intuitive, and ensure they adhere to all appropriate regulations.