Connecting with customers online.

  • Challenge

    Premier financial advisors were looking for a way to connect more deeply with their target customers online.

  • Solution

    A new website was created with a warmer personality to highlight Premier's uniquely personal approach to business.

  • Process

    I ran discovery workshops, produced wireframes & prototypes, conducted user research and created UI designs.

Unique culture

Financial advisors' websites are often quite corporate, and can be difficult to warm to. In order to differentiate Premier, I discovered their unique culture through workshops, then created designs to communicate their values in an appealing way.


Analytics showed that visitors were accessing the website across a wide range of different devices. The new site was designed to display elegantly across all screen sizes - with appropriate layout, imagery and typography that adapt as required.


One of Premiers strengths are friendly and approachable team. High quality portrait photographs were commissioned for use throughout the website. This brings a warm and approachable feel that helps support their unique positioning.


Premier have clear values that they wanted to communicate online. A simple layout combining bold typography, photography, colour palette and iconography helps these values come through in a straightforward and compelling way.