Bringing a heritage foodie brand online.

  • Challenge

    Unilever wanted to bring their very popular French heritage brand online, whilst retaining it's unique charm.

  • Solution

    An eCommerce website to showcase the rich heritage and unique ingredients, and allow customers to buy online.

  • Process

    I facilitated client workshops, conducted user research, produced wireframes and prototypes, and created UI designs.


eCommerce websites can often feel quite functional, and lacking in character. In order to preserve the rich heritage of Maille online, we commissioned high quality product photography for use on the website, and used a black and gold colour palette.


Maille has a unique provenance and wide range of inspiring ingredients, so lends itself well to storytelling. Interesting articles help to build the brand narrative, encourage foodies to dwell on site, and surface relevant products that are available to buy online.


The product team were keen to highlight the varied and unique flavour combinations that are only available to buy in selected boutiques or online. Bespoke product shots were commissioned to visually show the diverse ingredients on offer.

Tasting notes

The wide variety of available flavour combinations were categorised into 'tasting notes'. This allowed customers to refine down the wide range of options to a manageable amount based on flavours, and encouraged further exploration of the range.


The website was optimised to display elegantly across a wide range of different devices and screen sizes, and was eCommerce enabled to allow purchasing of unique products online that were only previously available in selected boutiques.